Local Flavor — Manhattan
To celebrate the world-renowned food of New York City, DoorDash and T Brand profiled iconic restaurants — plus one spot for sweets — across many neighborhoods, starting with the borough of Manhattan.

Local Flavor Manhattan is a native advertising campaign with the goal of positioning DoorDash as the go-to food delivery service in New York City. The brief was to create a virtual tour of five restaurants on the island of Manhattan, focusing specifically on the unique neighborhood in which they inhabit.  Local New Yorkers could reconnect with some of their favorite Manhattan neighborhoods, while also discovering new establishments from afar.

Design Direction
The design direction for this program created an immersive, interactive reader experience to represent the vibrant and energetic aspects of New York City.

As senior designer on the program, I experimented with opprunities to suprise and delight the audience. The early inspiriation of the page layout hierarchy came from menus. Traditionally, a menu is contructed to be informational, yet visually communicate the characteristics of the brand voice of that particular restaurant.

With many unique and iconic motifs which are easily recognizable in this arena it seemed like a direction which would turn into something diverse and visually interesting. Each restaurant would have an opener which resembled a menu which could provide an historical summary and other categorical info.

Client: DoorDash    Project: Local Flavors — Manhattan    Senior Program Manager: Joshua Eisenman    Strategist: Brittany Kirwa    Editor: Daniel Simmons    Art Direction: Jovanna Tosello, Nicholas Garber    Senior Designer: Nicholas Garber    Creative Technologist: Eva Peng    Illustrator: Jiaqi Wang