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When nine hikers went mising in Russia's Ural Mountains, searchers discovered that their tent had been sliced open from the inside.

Six years later, this mystery, which has come to be known as the Dyatlov Pass incident, continues to capture imaginations. “The strangest thing about this case is its resonance,” says Dr. Kurakin, who wrote an academic paper about Dyatlov Pass and the sociology of mysteries.

Dozens of theories have been offered for what happened that night: a hurricane, poisoning, a Yeti encounter, local tribesmen, weapons testing, UFOs, murder at the hand of American spies. With no solid evidence supporting any one theory, the Russian government reopened the case early in 2019 to try to put an end to the speculation.

The results, originally scheduled to be released in August, were delayed. “The effect of mystery with the Dyatlov case is compounded by a rare balance in the plausibility of all the competing versions,” Dr. Kurakin says. “There is no single version free from inconvenient facts.”

… Or is there?

Visual Direction
This series of advertorials will evoke emotions of mystery, fear, and suspense as well as tell the tales of three unsolved mysteries. The narrative introduces the real-life mysters and offers the reader to explore which theory they’d like to read next.

The illustration style takes inspiration from the mountainous landscape of the soviet union. 

Client: Facebook Watch    Project: Limetown    Senior Program Manager: Josh Eisenman     Editor: Esther Hanes   Art Direction: Alicia Hallet-ChanNicholas Garber    Designers: Nicholas Garber, Yinnersi Gonzalez    Illustrator: Jon Han