Google Cloud
Data Protection, the Google Cloud Way
In collaboration with T Brand Studio and Google Cloud, a series of print pages in the New York Times newspaper and Flex Posts Units on were designed to bring awareness to the benefits of Google Cloud security.

In a long form story format, we will showcase the many ways in which Google Cloud protects its customers in the physical world, not just online. The story will start by detailing Google Cloud’s prowess when it comes to digital security, emphasizing why data security is so important to small businesses.


Art Direction
The concept for this paid post is to follow a piece of data, represented by a character, through the layers of digital and physical security that comprise Google Cloud. We’re looking at various touch points of Google’s security infrastructure blown apart in an Escher/Monument Valley game way.

The goal of the visual strategy is to develope illustrations in line with the New York Times tradition of editorial illustration. The program utalizes conceptual illustration that feels playful, yet  minimalistic. Vector-based illustration highlight key moments in the narrarive story while at the same time visualzing Google Cloud’s cyber-security.

Custom comissioned animated illustrations feel like a mixture between digital and organic. The connective tissue between these various touchpoints is Google Fiber which we can depict flowing in and through each area. The visual motif of the seriesplays with digital vs. pixelation

Design Direction
The color palette will feature the monotone color parings from a bold palette. The font pairing will include a headline set in Poppins, a smooth sans-serif typeface with quirky geometric characters. In contrast, the body will be set in fun-loving Zilla Slab.

Client: Google Cloud     Project: Data Protection, the Google Cloud Way      Art Direction: Nicole Marie Rincon, Nicholas Garber    Designers: Laura Toffolo, Nicholas Garber    Illustrators: Wyatt Carroll, Giacomo Gambineri    Editor: Esther Haynes