5G is Coming
5G Is Coming Here’s how immersive smartphones, autonomous cars and billions of intelligent sensors could transform your life. Qualcomm is a technology company designing technologies and developing standards that will make 5G a wireless network that supports bold innovations for decades to come.

Qualcomm approached The New York Times’ T Brand Studio to highlight the momentous possibilities a 5G future, showing our audience the full breadth of their contributions to mobile computing, wireless broadband and the forthcoming 5G revolution.

Art Direction
The fifth generation of cellular technology, 5G, will offer much more than faster phones. 5G a wireless network that supports bold innovations for decades to come. The art direction strategy utalized custom animated illustrations that visualize the technology revolution in our near-future. Themes and metaphors evoked a future inspired by connectivity.

We worked with illustrator Karolis Strautniekas to help bring the story to life. Commissioning six animated moments visualizing dynamic, vibrant, and complex scenes. Each moment visualized a future  application of the 5G experiences.

Design Direction
The digital layout utalizes bold and condensed headlines to capture Qualcomm’s unmistakable presence as an innovative company. The costum visuals will use Qualcomm’s brand colors along with secondary colors to integrate within the typography and illustrations.

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Qualcomm    Project:  5G Is Coming    Art Direction: Nicole Marie RinconNicholas Garber    Senior Designer: Nicholas Garber    Illustration: Karolis Strautniekas    Motion: Peter Henderson