The New School
Cutting Edge Eductation, Tailored to You
The New School is where ambitious and dynamic students go to forge their own educational path. T Brand Studio partnered with the New York-based university to showcase five unique students across a range of disciplines. The result is one post with five distinct profiles that leverage original reporting and illustration to bring their journeys through higher education to life.

The design direction was based on capturing dynamic portraits of students and illustrating their area of focus through collage. Sophie and I commisioned our friend Ben Sklar to capture the images. I connected with Israel Vargas to create a dynamic collage stage where the portraits and found imagery could interact in a 3D space.


Design Direction

Client:  Electrolux    Project:  How to Cook like a Scandinavian    Senior Program Manager:  Jeffrey Miranda, Pooja, Erika Bjerklie   Editor: Claudine Ko    Art Direction: Sophie M. Butcher, Nicholas Garber    Senior Designer: Nicholas Garber    Photo Editor: Sophie M. Butcher    Illustrator: Israel Vargas    Photographer: Ben Sklar