Beam: The Evolution of Speed

A Native Advertising Campaign with a interactive digital experience and print execution.

The program included a series of interactive digital experiences, as well as a print campaign to go in the paper.  This visual intro is inspired by the transmission of information. By building an image up from pixels, we can dynamically express the evolution of photo transmission. When first viewing the page, the reader is introduced to a paragraph that dissolves, leaving keywords that capture the story as a whole.

The reader interprets the meaning of the keywords as we introduce a photograph in its most basic pixel form, scaling into a full-resolution image. This user-driven animation unfolds before your eyes... the evolution of speed!

Print & Digital Experience

Design Process
Visualizing the story through the concept of transmission. This visual execution is inspired by the transmission of information. By breaking down individual characters into pixel squares, we can animate dynamically in varying directions. This creates moments where the titles are completely visible, and moments that create abstract typographic illustrations. To add an additional layer of storytelling, we broaden this system to include interactivity. Hovering over the letter forms will expose images inspired by the topic below. This dynamic execution combines typographic and photographic elements to create a discovery-driven, engaging experience for our readers.

Early Concepts

Client: Verizon    Project: Evolution of Speed    Senior Program Manager: Katie Reynolds    Editor: Daniel Simmons    Art Direction: Taylor Huff, Nicholas Garber    Senior Designer: Nicholas Garber    Designer: Ariel Bryant    Creative Technologist: Nelson Chang    Illustrations: Patrik Hubner